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Chiropractic Care

Justice Family Chiropractic delivers excellent chiropractic care that focuses on the health of your nervous system. With precise adjustments, we can influence the health of this all-important master control system. The doctors at Justice Family Chiropractic focus on locating areas of interference in the nervous system, making corrections so that it can work at its highest abilities.

That’s why we’re able to see people of all ages with such a wide variety of needs. By concentrating on the nervous system, we can help anyone, from newborns to senior citizens, better adapt to the stresses of life.

Active and Wellness-based Care

When you first begin care at Justice Family Chiropractic, you enter a phase of active care. During this stage, we work to balance your body and resolve your current concerns. When we’re finished, you are welcome to transfer to wellness care. This type of care is purely preventative, addressing the ever-present stresses in life to make sure your nervous system can adapt.

Techniques That Work for You

Your spine is designed to move. When there is interference in your nervous system, you don’t have your full motion. A gentle correction can restore the movement and allow your body to work better.

Every new patient goes through a thorough evaluation process, including scans with the Insight™ Subluxation Station, digital X-rays and comprehensive testing. Once we understand exactly what your nervous system requires to be well, we can make specific adjustments using a variety of techniques.


This technique uses a five-step approach to determine where nerve interference is present.


The use of a drop mechanism built into the adjusting table ensures your comfort at each visit.

Tonal Technique

This method examines the tone of your nervous system to determine where areas of tension are present. It is ideal for our pediatric patients.

The Webster Technique

Expecting moms can see incredible results from this technique that allows for optimum pelvic alignment.

We’re in-network with insurance plans and accept Medicare. Contact us today to get started on experiencing the many benefits of chiropractic care!


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